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This is an online magazine where everyone can chat about anything. We all have something to say, and at a time where our voices are drowned out, where mainstream media fails to represent the majority, here is a website which is trying to allow everyone to chat about anything. Most importantly, we want to hear people’s stories.

The name is reflective of our aims and goals. Influenced by Plato’s Analogy of the Cave, we adopted the idea of breaking free from our chains of ignorance. To constantly question the world we live in and all of the absurdity which it is so easy to accept as ‘normality’. We (very wittily) incorporated hoes into the title because, in the words of Brooke Candy, ‘it’s time to take the word back, ‘slut’ is now a compliment (a sexy-ass female who’s running shit and confident)’.

We love it when people comment on articles and we encourage conversation, however we do not tolerate personal attacks. Nobody should feel afraid of the consequences of sharing their opinion, and we want to keep this a safe, hate-free zone for all ‘n’ everybody.


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  1. Charlotte says:

    a great idea!!! keep it up

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