AGP: New singles, a review and a chat

By Bella Spencer

The summer is coming (despite the rain’s best attempts to dampen our spirits and our BBQs) which means it’s time to start tinkering away at those playlists to accompany your late night hangouts. Before you strain your brain thinking of the first track, look no further than the new singles from AGP.

AGP consists of Andrew Gordon Perry (giving the initials of the band), Daniel Martindale (Danye), Alastair Dunn (AJHD) and Michael Paul Metcalfe (Dead Hedge Trio). Each member has previously embarked on solo projects, but they pooled their musical minds in 2016 to create a blissful and hazy sound. Based in Liverpool, they reveled in the support of the artistic community and the influx of people attracted to the city’s musical history. The resulting sound is so laid back, its almost horizontal.

The band have released a double-A-side single accompanied by two psychedelic music videos, that pair old school computer games with the sweetest interpretation of an acid-trip I’ve ever seen. The tracks, Hollywood and Motion Sickness, have an almost lullaby like quality. By first lyrics of Hollywood- ‘said I want a holiday’- your heart rate will already have lowered and you’ll have a taste of the relaxation a holiday gives you without even having to leave your bed/desk/jacuzzi.

If you’re devotees to Patti Smith, Slip Knot, Run DMC or anything with equal energy and feistiness; this probably isn’t the music for you. But if you’re craving a gentle melody and a sound as soft as your Mr Whippy, then AGP are the boys for you.

We fired some quick questions at the band to get an insight into their chilled brains.

If you could play any venue in the world what would it be?


Would you rather live in Hollywood or Liverpool?

Would you rather have constant motion sickness when travelling or never travel again?
Motion Sickness

Your music videos are reminiscent of old school computer games- if you had to spend the rest of your life trapped in a game what would it be? Parry – Need for Speed
Dan – Crash Bandicoot
Ali – Mario Kart
Metty – Pong

What is the one song, by another artist, that you wished you’d produced?
God Only Knows – the Beach Boys

Hollywood and Motion Sickness are released today, 14th of April 2017 on War Room Records.


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