All Quiet on the Theresa Front: Tories vs. Labour on LGBT policy

By Joey Parker
Drawing by Livvy Mac

If GCSE English taught me anything, it is that a comparison of two texts can reveal so much more than reading something in isolation. When one novel explores an issue in depth, and the other barely touches on it, you can infer a lot about the author and their intentions/motivations.

Never has that been more true than with the Tory and Labour 2017 manifestos. With mainstream media focusing merely on the highs and lows of both of them, the nuances of the two are being neglected. Specifically when it comes to a direct comparison, it is interesting to see how one party explores an issue in depth, whilst the other completely ignores the very same issue.


LGBT+ issues
Theresa’s manifesto says: Jeremy’s manifesto says:
  • How about we ring-fence and increase mental health budgets (with a highlighted focus on LGBT+ people)?
  • Do you mind if we protect trans* people by updating transphobic language to be more inclusive in the Gender Recognition Act and Equality Act 2010?
  • Shall we equate the punishment for LGBT+ hate crimes to the same level as race and faith hate crimes?
  • Let’s introduce teacher training on how to tackle LGBT+-specific bullying in schools
  • We should probably ensure new sex and relationships education is LGBT+-inclusive
  • Go on, let’s focus on improving ongoing NHS training around LGBT+ health issues
  • Is it ok if we provide a quick and full roll-out of PrEP to high-risk groups in order to reduce HIV infection?
  • Are you guys ok if we collaborate with the UN to appoint dedicated global ambassadors for LGBT rights?

If you haven’t realised yet, there is nothing in the Tory manifesto regarding the development of LGBT+ rights.

Remember this when you vote on 8th June.

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