An Open Letter to Those Who Voted to Bomb Syria

An open letter to all British MPs and peers who voted to bomb Syria on the night of 2nd December

I hope you’re proud of yourselves. I hope you feel that it’s worth it.

What I want to know is how you can live with yourselves. When you returned home that night after the vote, and tucked yourselves into bed, did you sleep peacefully and easily? I hope for your sakes that you tossed and turned with the awful heaviness of your vote weighing on your conscience.

Have you honestly learnt nothing from our past mistakes? Do the terms “Al-Qaeda” and “the Taliban” mean nothing to you? Both terrorist groups were created as a direct result of Western aggression in countries that they had no business to invade. The Russians lost Afghanistan. The USA is currently in the process of withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. These groups have persisted and survived because they appeal to a people’s inherent desire for self-preservation against a foreign threat. There is no way that we will defeat terrorism in employing the same methods.

If you’re still not convinced, are the events in Paris this year not enough to open your eyes? Over 130 innocent people were killed in the attacks two weeks ago. If we add this to the horror of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January – it doesn’t bare thinking about. After the attacks two weeks ago, a slogan appeared which read, ‘vos guerres, nos morts’, or ‘your wars, our deaths’. Every one of you who voted for the air strikes against Syria, all of you have single-handedly caused the death of thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and children because of the resulting violence that will inevitably ensue. This is total war at its most devastating.

The ensuing violence will only increase the flow of Syrian immigrants fleeing the terror that you have caused. And the funny thing is that you, in all your bare-faced hypocrisy, will predictably label them as “dangerous terrorists” and refuse them entry to the UK. When that day comes, I will weep for them and for you.

Not only do you endanger Syrians, but you endanger us. First Paris, then who knows where next? London? Leeds? Bristol? Glasgow? No one is safe. Nowhere is immune to the potential threat that you have opened us up to. And when that threat does arrive (although I pray to every power that it doesn’t) you, the ruling powers, will of course be safe. You will not be affected. You leave us, the ordinary folks, to suffer for you on your behalf.

And furthermore, this one’s for you Dave: how dare you label the opposition as ‘terrorist sympathisers’? How absolutely dare you? You are a child if you believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is therefore the enemy. Moreover, it is pure immaturity to then not apologise when you are called out on this childish behaviour not once, not twice, but twelve times by members of the opposition. Twelve times, David. That’s beyond immaturity. That is pure malignance. Call me idealistic, but the fate of my country should not be decided based upon your own personal vendetta against Corbyn. It isn’t fair.

I assume you’re all aware of the phrase “you cannot fight fire with fire”. I just wish you’d had it in your heads last night.

Yours disappointedly,

The disillusioned youth of Britain


Written by Jemima Skala

Image by Bella Spencer

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  1. alister says:

    A great and stimulating piece! More like this please!

  2. Pat Wolgast says:

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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