Alex Howlett: I am co-editor of Plathoes Cave Zine, reading English at university (and French children books drunkenly on the street *see pic), have interned with Feminist Times and Times Literary Supplement. HMU: @alexhowl /


Bella Spencer: I am the co-editor of Plathoes Cave and a self-confessed nerd. I study neuroscience, with a particular interest in mental health and disease, make short films and obsess over Patti Smith.
Jemima Skala: I’m currently studying English and French, and tbh there’s not a lot I don’t like except meninism and boob sweat. In my opinion Young Americans is one of the best Bowie albums. Fight me. @Jemimahope

Julia Oborne (Art Contributor): I have just graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art. I studied Painting. Painting and drawing are both things I love to do and I will keep up this practice no matter what else I decide to do or where I decide to go. All my paintings, in some ways, explore the odd or unconventional – usually this is through colour, subject matter or composition.

Charlie Ponzio: Studying French with English at King’s College. I like the Paris Commune and Angela Carter. Mostly writing about graphic novels with femme themes. @ch4rponz
Reuben Porter: My name is Reuben, known by everyone as Scoob. I’m an officer in the Merchant Navy, have been for the last few years. Enjoy writing about the more obscure things I think others should know about, although that’s mostly been about the sea up until now – trying to branch out.
Shaina Ford: Biomedical scientist moonlighting as a social scientist. When I was 9, my primary school teacher told me (on separate occasions) that I’m “dryly facetious”, and that I should work for Amnesty International. Both are still true.
James Shakeshaft: I’m a radio presenter, musician and art technician from Leeds with a particular interest in American and French cultures whether that be music, art or cinema. I enjoy writing about and promoting the records of some great musicians, particularly from the states and exposing them to people that they would’ve otherwise slipped by. When I’m not doing this I’m listening to Scott Walker.
Mark Connor: I’m a recent International Relations graduate, who is studying Korean and is a raging homosexual. Currently having an existential crisis over what I will do with my life. @trendywendymark
Gabbie Lynch: A young sheila from down under who loves a vegemite sandwich. Beyond my favourite snack, I also love travelling (within Australia and beyond), taking photos and hitting the beach. When I “grow up”, I just hope I’m happy… Or Edina Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous – either suits me.
Harriet Speed: I am training to be a furniture designer-maker in Oxford, however my background in illustration and interest in contemporary issues, means I have become one of the Plathoes Cave contributors.