COVER STAR: An interview with Dylan the Gypsy

Our cover star of PHC Print Vol. 1 is Dylan the Gypsy, an actress and DJ living in Brooklyn NY. She describes herself as a half Ethiopian, half American Muslim. She took a break from being a drop dead gorgeous powerhouse to answer a few questions for us.

What does music mean to you?
It’s one of the only things on this planet that will always be able to make me happy at any time. I could be in any mood and music will always be there. It’s like the ultimate outlet for me. [Music] just resonates with the soul. I don’t think we could exist without it. It’s how we worship- from Islam, down to Catholic monks and nuns and shit- they’re all chanting. Music is just fucking important.

We are living in a time when you can have the news at your finger tips, do you feel that the mainstream media represents your views?
No. I am a minority so it’ll never actually represent me in any way, shape or form. But I do f*ck with the fact that the mainstream media is the only thing holding our President accountable. Honestly, he has control over the general justice department and the Senate is a Republican majority – it is a recipe for any brown body, any LGBT body, any religious person who is not Christian, to just be f*cked. So, without the leaks from the intelligence agency and publications like MSNBC and the New York Times we would be living in complete darkness.

Do you think music is a tool for being heard?
Of course, but it definitely depends on the time and place. If I’m DJ-ing a party with a whole bunch of Sound Cloud rapper listening ass n*ggers, they’re not gonna wanna listen to Fight the Power by Public Enemy. But, when I’m DJing somewhere I know that the audience is gonna resonate with what I’m playing- those are the times that I feel like I am able to use my artistic duty to spread a good message.

If you could send one sentence to the main powers of the world what would it be?
‘Listen’. The thing is, no one is actually inherently evil. I think people are just greedy and out for their own interests but if the people who create the damage on the planet actually took the time to see the people they’re hurting …and actually saw the shit first hand, then I feel like they would change. I think it’s all about detaching yourself from the people you’re affecting in order to not see them as human and to get away with crazy stuff. So once we humanise each other and just truly listen to one another that’s when true change will come round.

What is your life motto?
This is gonna sound hella Leo but when I was a kid my siblings and I would compete for something and I would always win, so my motto as a child turned into ‘Dylan always wins’. I turned it into a fake mantra, if I need to get something done – [I think] I can do it, I’m gonna win this. It’s very corny and narcissistic, but hey.

Photos by Leah Rustomjee
Model Dylan the Gypsy

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