Discovering the Unknown

Lily writes her guide for tackling the unknown
Words and art by Lily Garget

No.1 The Unknown is not a dark place
UNKNOWN. Where to begin? Every element of our lives is unknown to a certain extent. The word itself can be daunting – conjuring images of darkness and uninhabited places. In my own mind I know I think of ‘the unknown’ too much as a dark place, a place of fear. But fear is learned, self-consciousness (in the broadest sense of being self aware) is learned. Everything we do, even if it’s something we’ve done a thousand times before, is unknown – we’ve never done it at this time, in this place, on this day.

No.2 Discover yourself daily
In order to tackle this vast idea of every day, every moment being a new unknown, you must discover yourself daily. Learn to meet yourself each and every single day. Evaluate yourself, but not in a critical way, just take note – you are always enough as you are. Don’t be lazy with yourself. Don’t enter a place you often go, whether it’s a creative space or not – a workplace, for example – and just be the person you think you should be in that space. By doing that, you stop yourself learning and discovering who you could be in that space, in the unknown of every day.

No.3 Approaching unknown periods of time
I am writing this section because it’s something I need to read right now.

Finding your own creative voice as a young adult is a scary process. I feel most alive and energised when I am treading a path I have laid myself; a path which only appears when I lay down the next brick to stand on. Don’t be afraid to choose an unknown path. If nothing is wrong (as it often goes in creative spaces) then nothing is right and we are simply travelling horizontally, the ambition then, for me personally, is to find the vertical path of my own – to break out of success and failure on a horizontal scale and have an “exploration into unknown territory” as the definition states.

No.4 You’ve done it.
By taking that step, that leap into the unknown, you’ve already done it, already achieved something. You’ve gone somewhere you didn’t know you’d go. I think it’s important for us all to do that more, and praise yourself for it after.

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