Field Day

On the 6th and 7th of June 2015 around 25,000 groovers swarmed to Victoria Park in London. Our day started at 10am with champagne, bagels and eggs- the bubbles were such a shock to my student-system that I was feeling more than merry! The festivities continued ’til 10pm on Sunday. My highlights were

  • Navigating the tube, pissed, at 11am, with the London public tutting at us en route.
  • Dancing our pants off to Patti Smith, Caribou, Shura and Jungle.
  • Being part of a crowd, while every member swooned at Patti Smith as she shouted the names of lost loved ones before playing Elegie.
  • Having a very giddy conversation with (who I thought was) one the Jungle pair- it transpires he was just a very bamboozled guy who went along with my praise and fan-girling. Cheers mate.

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Al smiles Al listens


Boyinfield Patti Field

bellafest Al dance

Words by Bella Spencer

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