Full Moon: Tunes for the twilight hours

By Charlie Ponzio
Art by Bella Spencer

The night has an inherent mysticism to it, and perhaps a tinge of loneliness. Historically, the moon has been associated with female energy due to its cyclical and regenerative nature. Under the moon’s luminescence lovers meet, witches have their sabbath, and debauchery becomes acceptable under the dark of night.

I spent this winter learning to be alone. I was lucky to have a bedroom with huge bay windows, across which the moon would traverse throughout the evening. There is something so soothing and refreshing in coming home at night, turning on my lamps, lighting a couple of candles and incense; I open my curtains, fag in one hand, and a sweet camomile tea in the other. I put on some music and write about my day or read something to fit the mood… I put this playlist together to capture the soothing, nostalgic and romantic mood that a night alone in my bedroom puts me in.

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