Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara (London Screening)

Life is Waiting will be screening in the Safra lecture theatre at King’s College London at 18:30 on the 30th October. Tickets are free and the link can be found at the bottom of this article. Head to Reception upon arrival. To find out more about the Western Sahara and Iara’s organisation, Cultures of Resistance, click here.

A message from film director Iara Lee:

Dear friends — Despite ongoing attempts at censorship by the occupying forces of MOROCCO, our film LIFE IS WAITING: referendum and resistance in Western Sahara continues to screen worldwide. Our next showing is in LONDON at King’s College via our friends at the Centre for Modern Literature and Culture! Undeterred by previous cancellations, we carry on with our determination to FREE WESTERN SAHARA!!

Why watch this documentary? And why is this documentary important?

To start with, it’s a beautifully filmed documentary. Iara has directed films all over the world, representing myriad communities and people. Similarly, with this documentary about Western Sahara, she reveals a community which is largely ignored, and deserves not only to be seen, but admired for what it has achieved considering the awful treatment of Sahrawi people by the Moroccan government.

It is important for this very reason. The Moroccan government makes it incredibly difficult for Sahrawis to publicise their cause and gain more support internationally. Consequently, previous screenings of this very documentary have been cancelled all over the world as a result of intimidation by the Moroccan government. By watching it, you are helping to resist this media block and raise awareness of the Sahrawi’s cause. They have waited forty years for a referendum to vote and have their land returned to them. They will continue to wait, until they gain the support of different people and countries.

Who is speaking at this screening?

Our first speaker is Mark Luetchford, chair of the Western Sahara Campaign in the UK. Mark and the WSC work in solidarity with the Sahrawi people to generate political support, lobbying the UK government and the EU. They aim to advance and promote the Sahrawi people’s human rights as well as their right to self-determination.

The event will also be introduced by Sidahmed Yaddas, director of the UK-based NGO Adala, which aims to raise awareness in the UK of human rights violation committed against the Sahrawi people within the occupied territories.

Sidahmed and Mark will be holding a Q&A after the documentary to field questions about the film, the cause, as well as their work on behalf of the Sahrawi peoples. They will also be able to advise various ways to support the Sahrawi’s cause – beyond attending this screening.

Who are we? And what are we doing?

We are Alex and Alex. Alex H and Alex B. This screening is the first event we are organising together. We are undertaking an international research project looking at the lives and experiences of female migrants and the activists that support them. On our journey, we will be heading to the featured Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria, in order to interview the incredible women who live there. We are recording and documenting the stories of women whose voices are often hidden in the narratives of society and we are giving them a place to be heard.

Why support our research project?

We are working as facilitators; interviewing women internationally, helping those who wish to share their stories. Our main goal is to advance awareness about female experiences different from our own. By supporting this research project, you are also supporting and amplifying the voices of those who have been silenced by war and crisis.

We will be on social media – @theWWcommunity – where you will be able to keep up with our research and progress.

Book you free ticket via the following link, and we look forward to seeing you there:

Photo courtesy of Iara Lee / Cultures of Resistance

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