Musings on the Unknown

By Caleb Assirati

Artwork by Katie Goodrum

The unknown breaks me. I feel it call into question all that I am until it, like that which confronts in conflict, is assimilated into self. It sits, in the space it forces in me, ready to be broken like that which it broke before, on the side of order, reason, expectation, the standpoint of comfort and projected knowledge. Comfort comes from fear, for how could we not fear that which intrudes to break and dismantle all that we have come to find place in? Unknown, you violent intruder, vicious destroyer of my world, you carve your own place without question, for that is how you transform; that is the unknown becoming the known. It cannot but force us to perception, to consumption; we consume the unknown for we desire it, and how can we not? The fear of the unknown being outside all we come to order pushes us to destroy it, to consume it in destruction and assimilation. How can we allow this alien to question our being? It must be changed or change us, but it either case it must be destroyed; the unknown cannot stay unknown. But I want to allow you passage. Unknown, you breaker of worlds, crusher of perception, I want to know you, to expand myself. You are always destroyed, and you force me to such conflict, but you can plant the seed of perception; I desire the fruits of known.

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