My date with Shura

By Bella Spencer

As we wandered around the heavily bearded streets of Brighton, we looked out for a venue worthy of hosting the ever so groovy Shura. Thanks to our mild obsession with her, we’d presumed the rest of the world must be wise to her sensational music, and that she’d be playing in a soulless arena, but miraculously Google maps directed us to a small pub on London Road. With a capacity around 80 groovers, and free vinyl for everyone, it was beginning to feel like Christmas had come early.

I’d spent a giddy few hours compiling my most Brighton-appropriate outfit. The result was an over optimistic crop top, leaving me with a chilly midriff rather than a sense of cool. With your belly out there’s no hiding a bladder full of cheap cider, so when nature called, we were forced to leave our front row spot, and head toilet side. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As we queued awkwardly I heard someone say ‘It’s just Shura coming for a wee’ from the corridor. A bleached haired, beanie hatted head popped out from behind the door. That head did indeed belong to Shura. I have wasted many an hour imagining meeting my musical crushes. The encounters normally play out a bit like this – I bump into a musician, have an aloof conversation about politics, or maybe Kerouac, and leave with an invitation to the after party. In reality the conversation took a different turn. Shura joined the toilet queue and all I could think to ask her was, wait for it, – ‘Just having a pre gig wee?’ Man’s biggest quandary. Thankfully, she fully embraced my chosen topic and a short but sweet conversation about the pros and cons of weeing on stage followed. Sadly, I didn’t leave the bathroom with an after party invite, but rather with a grin on my face and the knowledge that I have shared a toilet seat with an up and coming artist.

The gig was a blinder, made even better by the genuine, momentary belief that I was watching my new best friend perform. Shura, urine my mind.

Intrigued? Click the link to listen to my best mate Shura :

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