Philosophy Drop-out Vs. University Advocate

Tell me why…  you left university?

Joseph Parker, 19

In one of my first philosophy lectures I remember reading ‘what was Kant smoking when he wrote this?’ and thinking lol my philosophy teachers are pure banter-gods, marijuana ya boy !! 420 live it!!! I soon realised how untrue this was. Lecturers are dead inside. Case in point – when I went to speak to my tutor about a topic that was killin me, he told me he didn’t know how to explain it any further because – didn’t I just get it?? Isn’t it just obvious??’

No-one seemed to want to really be there. Which is sad because I love studying philosophy and I couldn’t wait to surround myself with people who loved it as much as me and we could be knobs and talk about Plato’s Cave 24/7 (omg meta-reference wow) and other bullshit and nod deeply as if we had solved the world. Little did I realise the irony of uni in 2015 is that the majority of people have started prioritising the social scene over the academics. I was surrounded by a permanent, never-ending conversation starting with, ‘I was sooo fucked last night that I ate this/fucked them/pissed on that/climbed up those’ and ending with the inevitable, ‘I’m never taking those/drinking this/snorting that again.’ Which is fun if you are a social-climbing fuckboy but that’s not me #SozNotSoz.

Now I have a graduate job despite the fact I am a uni dropout. My advice to current students would be: drop out !! I’m doing better than u and I don’t even have a degree lol #IfThatsNotTopBanterThenIDontKnowWhatIs

DISCLAIMER: I say some controversial stuff most of which is unsubstantiated and completely perspective-based, so if you have an issue with anything I’ve said….. sorry but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

FURTHER DISCLAIMER: I made some great pals at uni and I luv u, u made it bearable for me


Tell me why… you didn’t leave university?

Beth Rubes, 21

As a born and bred nerd – the kind people who wear Primark GEEK slogan t-shirts used to bully for putting their hand up in class – it never really occurred to me not to go to university. Then when I finally got there it never occurred to me to leave, mainly because I was miraculously surrounded by like-minded nerds who loved the same course as me. Usually the trajectory of uni BFFLs involves “panic friends” who you befriend so you don’t have to turn up to some hideous foam party alone, drunk and forced to listen to the same Jason Derulo song over and over. However I managed to find myself a girl gang who had the ability to blabber on about Tina Fey of Trauffault for hours (“maybe you bonded because you were dickheads” I hear you rightly say). These friends kept me sane through the hard moments of uni life: the disastrous cooking attempts, the breakups, and the impenetrable reading lists. We asked ourselves in unison: can we justify 27k of debt just to blag our way through Foucault? Should we be here if we still rely on Sparknotes for basic plot points? Will we leave uni with the elusive employability factor or join swathes of unemployed, under-appreciated and unfulfilled arts grads? We didn’t and still don’t have the answers but we stayed in university to try and work them out.


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    Beth Rubes
    Spark Notes. The Ancient Mariner. You know to what I am referring.

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