PlathoesCave Podcasts- The World of Beatnik

A look back into Manhattans past and lost cultures of Greenwich Village’s Beat performers, writers and poets with musical connoisseur James Shakeshaft.

Track Listing
Jack Kerouac – MacDougal Street Blues
Nancy & Lee – Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman
Woody Guthrie – Along In The Sun And The Rain
Joan Baez – Farewell Angelina
Bob Dylan – With God On Our Side
Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen – Bowery Blues
Ramblin Jack Elliot – Cocaine Blues
The Doors – Money Beats Soul / Talking Blues
Interview with William F. Buckley Jr
Excerpt from Jack Kerouac’s Beat Generation
Allen Ginsburg – America
*We do not own the rights to these tracks*

Art by Pearl Thompson

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