Cheer Up Luv: Photojournalism Tackling Sexual Harassment

Eliza Hatch is a photojournalist who uses her lens to capture and tackle women’s experiences of sexual harassment around the world.  Interview by Bella Spencer. Tell us about your project in 10 words @Cheerupluv is a photojournalism series retelling stories of sexual harassment.  Ok, you can have as many words as your heart desires now….

Where Science + Art Collide: Science Gallery London

Science Gallery London is a new space for 15-25 year olds in the heart of London, which hosts creativity inspired by scientific research. Firstly, could you tell us in only 10 words about Science Gallery London… Science Gallery London is where art and science collide. Now’s your chance to expand, with a more in depth…

PlathoesCave Podcasts: Female Powerhouses

Groovy tunes and groovy people: weekly interviews with artists, creatives and funky people. This week, an interview with Luisa Gerstein, the creator of Deep Throat Choir (an all-female singing collective formed in 2013) along with a healthy serving of RNB/hip hop, reggae and disco to get you dancing. Brought to you by the ever-talented Giannina…

AGP: New singles, a review and a chat

By Bella Spencer The summer is coming (despite the rain’s best attempts to dampen our spirits and our BBQs) which means it’s time to start tinkering away at those playlists to accompany your late night hangouts. Before you strain your brain thinking of the first track, look no further than the new singles from AGP….

In Conversation with Lola Coca: Savouring Silliness and Facing Fear

Lola Coca has been on the music scene for all of ten minutes, but she’s already managed to make an impact. With two recently released tracks and ‘Bad Girlfriend’ being voted hottest new music video by MTV, we’re getting a taste of her style – and it’s refreshing. In Lola Coca’s newly released track ‘GQ’,…