The Bad Girlfriend You’ve Been Dreaming Of: Lola Coca

Even Lola Coca’s name tastes sweet – as sweet as the pastel pinks, puppy dog eyes and pouts she pulls off in her music video for her debut song, ‘Bad Girlfriend.’ What makes both the song and video all the sweeter is the combination of sugary aesthetics and seductive lyrics. But what is it specifically about Lola Coca that’s so enticing?

The obvious answer would have something to do with her unique sound; she makes white girl rapping mixed with a voice something like Lily Allen work. On top of that, she’s smoking hot, like someone pulled elements of a dozen St. Trinian’s characters and the result was Lola and her girly-urban style.


However, the more I listen to ‘Bad Girlfriend’ and it plays over and over in my mind – the chorus is frustratingly catchy – the more I realise what makes this song stand out. I’m speaking about her refusal to conform to being a nice gal who only wants to make her fella happy with a hard on.

There’s a big part of modern culture which gives you this niggling desperation to please, especially as a girl. When we’re seen to have ‘displeasing’ traits, such as being self-centred, unashamedly loud or, in Lola’s words, ‘all up in your business’, we’re supposed to be ashamed. This cat-eyed lady is all of these things except for the latter.

At one point she raps about how his mum is ‘doing his cleaning’ whilst she’s ‘watching TV’, directly comparing traditional expectations with a new generation of women who are sticking their middle finger up at conforming to these beliefs. A sassy rejection of birthday sex for your boyfriend seems like a good place to start. With ‘Bad Girlfriend’ being rated as one of the hottest new music videos by MTV, a gig coming up for Live at Leeds Festival and a recent gig for Vice under her belt, it seems like Lola Coca really is about to get all up in our business.


By Alex Howlett

Illustration by Harriet Speed

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