This Will Leave You Feeling Happy (Meal Ltd)

Last night, around 120 students, plus a few mature fans, took over an unassuming pub on a residential road in Brixton. These students had surpassed the point of hipsterism and were simply beautiful, happy, and probably very wankered. They were gathered in The Windmill in Brixton to listen to Happy Meal Ltd– not Macdonald’s first kid’s meal that sings as you eat – but a band composed of 6 strictly cool musicians.

The lead singer, Henry Chisholm, adopted a film-noir alter ego as soon as his loafers graced the stage. His face was adorned with Clockwork Orange eye makeup that gradually melted into a Kiss style smudge as he performed. There were hips thrusting and everybody was lusting as the band played a range of catchy, high-energy songs. Their music has the craftsmanship of punk, with the kind of inhibition free fun that you normally only get from cheesy pop. It would be unfair to try and define the band by a musician of the past. They pay homage to such a vast amalgamation of artists that they have achieved the rarity of defining themselves.


HappymealtdThe crowd moshed as if they were unified as one well-styled machine. The best thing about the audience was that they weren’t glued to their phones. I was the only killjoy that occasionally watched the gig through my screen as I took photos. Everyone else was undeniably in the moment- living every sweaty ankle bashing second like it was the grittiest disco of the 21st century.


It’s rare that you see a band where every member could be their own entity, yet play so tightly and seemingly effortlessly as a collective. If you want to jump up and down like your twelve again while keeping up your reputation as a cool cat, I can highly recommend a Happy Meal Ltd gig. All the indulgence of a Happy Meal, none of the calories.

Listen here –>

By Bella Spencer

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